Community Access Support

Community Access support you can count on.

We provide possibilities for participation in a variety of activities.

Most physically or cognitive conditioned individuals are conscious that getting out and about in the community offers real challenges.

We can help you get active in the community -no matter your age, whatever the circumstances and whenever you require us.

When you engage Graceland Care Services, a personal support worker will join you in activities, whether it’s enjoying hobbies, grocery shopping, playing a sport, joining a library or just taking some personal time at a local cafe.



Our members social experiences are essential to their wellbeing, and community access support enables greater connection possibilities.

Providing the highest level of of support is paramount to us. When it comes to social and leisure activities, we access only the best community support workers. We ensure that our members also develop healthy relationships with other community clients.


Any further questions? Like to speak to one of our qualified staff. Please call or contact us.