Short Term Accomodation

Short Term Living support you can count on.

Members are in a supported home settings that are enjoyable and inclusive, where everybody can attempt new activities and gain friends. 

Our Short-Term Accommodation is established in various neighbourhoods within Sydney. Our pre-vetted personnel are qualified with personal care, medication administration, hoists, and general manual handling.

We have a range of respite choices for the elderly, adults and children, presenting short-term accommodation in a pleasant and relaxed setting. Cherished loved members are well looked after, assuring families have that very much-needed break so they can carry on in the caring capacity.


Our Short Term Accommodation offers:

  • Staffed 24/7, fully furnished, self-contained and accessible housing
  • Special Individual care and support during the day and night
  • Great meals are given during the day, including morning and afternoon tea.
  • Enjoyable activities, including lunches, performances, and specific sports.
  • A protected and secure location that is near to local schools and amenities.

Any further questions? Like to speak to one of our qualified staff. Please call or contact us.