Group Homes

Group Homes support you can count on.

Our Group Homes provide a supported home environment where residents can feel at home, included and secure. 

Shared living arrangements can assist residents’ self-confidence and independence, allowing them to engage in several activities and projects.

Each resident can live individually on their own terms and require the best quality care within the disability division. Care is supreme, and friendships strengthened. The Resident’s preferences and privacy are respected at all times.

Our staff are highly trained in assisting individual participants in a Group or shared living arrangements. We have facilities/tools that will serve the Need of every participant.

Group Homes for aged care are homes first and then care facilities. The key difference between a normal house and a Group Homes is that they’re particularly created to support the individual requirements of people living with a disability.


Unlike many aged care homes, Group Homes are created to feel like home. The comfortable sense of living at home enhances the therapy for someone living with a disability as it creates a powerful sense of belonging.
Group Homes are part of the community.
Life changes are difficult for people of any age – particularly the change of shifting house, particularly for the aged who may have lived at the same home for many years.

The biggest benefit of group homes is that it promotes the transition by producing home conditions and allowing people to stay inside their local community.
These homes are strategically positioned within the community to enable occupants to reside in areas they love, remain close to family and friends and visit well-known neighbouring areas such as cafes, shopping centres and libraries.

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